Can you can use your own vehicle for the Road Skills Test?

A vehicle for the road test must meet ALL of these requirements:

  • Proof of current liability insurance for the vehicle to be used for the road test (in
    paper format only – proof via mobile device will not be accepted).
  • If the insurance policy is a "Warning: Named Insured" policy, then the tester's
    name must be on that policy in order to use that vehicle.
  • Current registration sticker.
  • Current inspection sticker (not required if the vehicle is properly registered in a state that does
    not require a sticker).
  • Front and Rear license plates, with the front plate attached to the bumper (not
    required if the vehicle is properly registered in a state that does not require two plates).
  • ALL brake lights and turn signals must work.
  • No unusual mechanical issues (such as having doors that do not open from inside or outside
    the vehicle; "Check Engine" light on; "Low Fuel" light on – this will result in a failure of the vehicle
    inspection...if the car fails inspection, it cannot be used for the test).
  • See all of the vehicle safety requirements described at Driving Test

If your vehicle does not meet these requirements, provide a vehicle at your "scheduled test
time" that does or use the Driving School vehicle, for a fee.

If you use a rental vehicle for the test, the person taking the driving test must be listed on the rental
agreement as an authorized driver. You must show proof that the rental vehicle is covered by liability
insurance either by accepting the liability damage waiver when you rent the vehicle or by showing proof that
your personal auto liability insurance covers rental vehicles.

NO additional passengers (this includes infants, children, family members, and/or friends) will
be allowed in the vehicle during the driving test.

NO use of the radio during the test.